Monday, 12 March 2012

New Year, New Me

I know its a bit late in the year to be making new year resolutions, but one thing I was determined to do in 2012 is to be a bit healthier.

As well as losing some weight (I've managed to lose 12lbs already...go me!), I had also wanted to consider perhaps moving towards a gluten-free diet, or at least cutting down on the amount of gluten I am eating.

Gluten brings it own problems...bloating, upset tummies, tiredness, so with that in mind, I started cutting down on the amount of bread I was eating.  I've noticed quite a difference already.  I've not cut it out completely, but certainly reduced the amount I'm having.

When I mentioned on Twitter that I had been considering switching to gluten-free, the lovely Anni at Storm Communications sent me on a Nakd Wholefoods goodie box, filled with lots of yummy treats. Nakd prides itself on providing a range of natural snacks, that are healthy, are wheat, dairy and gluten free and most importantly, really really tasty!  The bars are raw fruit, nuts and natural flavours all smooshed together and rolled into a handy snack.

Included in the box were the range of Nakd bars. Lots of flavours to choose from...Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Orange, Cashew Cookie, Berry Delight, Ginger Bread and my favourite Pecan Pie.  Nakd also offer a range of infused raisins...I had Tangy Lime and Crazy Cola to choose from (ideal for kids lunchboxes and for snacking on at work), but they also do Cherry, Lemon, Pineapple and Orange infused raisins too.

As well as thinking food differently now I am on my diet, its also nice to be able to look at other alternatives, knowing that they're not packed full of sugars and other nasties.

The only problem now, is hiding them from my cupboard raiding toddlers...

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