Tuesday, 3 January 2012

An apple a day...

It's a new year, and everyone always starts the year with lots of resolutions - the most popular one to be more healthy and get fit in the coming year.

I try it every year.  Do a fad diet for a few weeks, think I am doing really well by losing a few pounds and then get bored of it and end up back at my starting weight again. Sigh....

If only there was something to keep you motivated and interested.  I'm not promising wonders, but I spied this little Apple Design Lunch Bag at only £4.95 on dotcomgiftshop.com and thought that by filling this with lovely healthy treats, it might be a bit more of a pleasure taking a packed lunch into work - what do you think?

Also came across these scrummy looking Snack Boxes for £6.95 for keeping your treats all nice and fresh.  And I'm sure the smallest one could hold at least 6 Maltesers - that's got to sway it, right?

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