PR Opportunities

I am happy to be contacted by PR companies or by companies directly, and will happily review products/services/places as long as they are appropriate to me and my family.  We are always on the lookout for cool gadgets to try, pretty things to look at, toys to play with and yummy food to taste test. We would also love to give our thoughts on days out or places to visit or stay.

  • All views will be my own, will be honest and will express my opinion, whether that be positive or negative (surely that's the whole point?!)
  • If any products/services are received for free, this will be stated on my review post
  • I will write any reviews as soon as I possibly can and will aim to do this within 1-2 weeks of carrying out the review (unless there are loads of fab things to say, in which case it may take me a wee bit longer!)
If you are a PR agent or Company Representative and would like to get in touch about doing a review, please contact me by email at