Monday, 12 March 2012

Pretty Picks for...Mother's Day

Mothers Day is fast approaching...a day to spend with our children and for them to spoil their mums, 'cos every other day is Children's Day, right?

I don't want for much - a card and some pretty flowers would be nice.  Although I'm not going to lie...if any of the following appeared in a delicately gift wrapped box, I wouldn't be handing them back!

This gorgeous Handmade Silver Pea Pod Necklace is lovingly made by muriel & lily and each are made as one off a kind pieces, meaning no two are ever the same.

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Recovery Scrub is amazing for your hands. A really rough scrub which leaves your hands feeling silky soft and revitalised.

I would love a Creamola Foam Foil Tote Bag from the very talented Gillian Kyle - big enough for me to take lunch to work and to sneak home impulse buys whilst out shopping.

This School Belle Wallet from Lisa Angel Homeware & Gifts is functional but also very pretty.

Also love these Swooping Swallow Sterling Silver Earrings from Lisa Angel too...

 And if any of these don't take your fancy, then maybe a Spa Day at Center Parcs would tempt you.  With 15 different sensory rooms, an outdoor pool and indoor hydrotherapy pool all slap bang in the middle of a peaceful forest, the Aqua Sana spa is a fab way to unwind.  This would have to be the top of my wish list for Mother's Day *hint hint*...I am absolutely desperate to go back!

Hoping all of you mums out there are spoiled!

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