Monday, 20 December 2010

It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas

It's Chrisssssstmaaaas (as Slade remind us every year!) and with that, nothing reminds me more of the festive season as wintry scents such as cinnamon, cloves and orange. And what a better way to get into the mood, than a spritz of this Winter Home Spray  from The White Company (£12).

I just LOVE going into the The White Company at Christmas as they have some absolutely beautiful gifts, so I would recommend treating yourself to this or some of their candles from the same range.

A quick spray of this around your living room, snuggled up in front of the TV with twinkling lights on the tree will definitely have you counting down the days til Santa arrives!

What gets you in the mood for Christmas?

1 comment:

  1. Lol......a big glass of mulled wine usually does the trick for me! K x