Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Card Etiquette?

OK, so last year we probably had an excuse...we had only been in our house a year, and although we had struck up some conversation with the neighbours, we weren't on mega friendly terms with them.

This year, we have had more conversations, gotten to know a few more people in our cul-de-sac, but there are still some people we are not entirely sure of their names.  Of course, I could make some sort of guess, or go digging for last year's cards.  My question is, if you don't know your neighbours' names, how do you address their Christmas card?

Abort mission completely and not bother? Address it as 'Number 45'?  Or leave blank?



  1. I usually write To all at No. 4 wishing you a merry christmas from our names at no.10 or sometinhg

  2. Yip, think I am going to have to go with that! Koow their kids names but would look a bit sussed writing 'To David & your mummy & daddy'!

  3. Just catching up with blog entries and had a wee laugh at this one. OK, so we don't have any kids (yet) but we do have our beloved pooch, Archie. We got a card this year addressed to "Archie and family"!! we laughed a lot upon receipt of this one. I guess it's similar to the David and mummy and daddy. :-)

  4. Ha ha! As it turned out, we waited quite late before posting our cards, so by then we knew everyone's names as they had given us one ;)