Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to nursery we go!

After much excitement and build up, my two little (grown up!) girls started nursery today.  Armed with their backpacks and cosy jackets (it was -14C when we left!) we set off for nursery, luckily in Daddy's car!

As soon as they were in, they bounded off without us. No looking back. No tears. No tantrums. Nothing. Makes me realise that they are now independent little beings and don't really need hand held through everything now. They had each other and I think that gave them comfort enough. Lauren even said before she went in "Don't pick us up later, Mummy"...charming!

So off they went into their little groups (Lauren was in the Green group and Olivia in the purple one) and we wandered off like dogs with our tails between our legs, to wait on them.  An hour later, they emerged. Lauren was in tears...not because she hated it but because she wanted to stay and play!

And now it begins...the count down to school, secondary school, university, their own flat.  My girls are growing up so quickly, right in front of my eyes. Soon they won't need me to do anything for them and they will be completely independent.

Until then, I intend to enjoy every second of them.

Now where's that tissue?...Someone's nose needs blown.

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