Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cakes, glorious cakes

My girls have now reached that age where they love to bake, and I like to think of myself as a *cough* domestic goddess *cough*, so recently I've been into trying out new recipes in both cooking and baking.

I have also recently discovered Baking Made Easy on BBC and since seeing some amazing things being made on it, I have now decided I want to get a bit more creative. I am thinking french patisserie, delicate icing, fancy cheesecakes (and I do make a mean cheesecake!).  So recently, I have been on the hunt for a nice cake stand, so that when I make these masterpieces, I have something which can show them off in the kitchen.

I had my heart set on a glass dome one, however all of the ones I came across, I would have had to take out a small bank loan to pay for them.  Until today....

I came across this lovely Arv Brollop cake stand with lid from Ikea, of all places. And at only £14.29, I think I just need to have it!   It's not the fanciest of cake stands, but does fill the glass dome criteria and is also easy on the purse.

Only problem with going to Ikea is, you never just leave with what you went in for...


  1. I have a number of cake stands and this would add to my collection beautifully! thanks! **hops off to ikea**

  2. Fiona - I would love to know what other kind of cake stands you have. I have been holding out for the perfect one and I think this is it!