Sunday, 10 August 2014

Baking Best Bits: Gluten Free Carrot & Pecan Cake

Good gluten free cakes are hard to come by and are normally way more expensive than others in shops and cafes.
One cake which I still haven't managed to track down a good gluten free version of is carrot cake so I decided to amend a regular recipe and give it a bash using a gluten free blend flour.

I've made this a few times girls and hubby both love it and you'd never know it was gluten free. Think the moistness of the carrot helps.

Here's the recipe for anyone who wants to try:

2 x 23cm cake tins
250g self raising flour (I used Doves Farm Self Raising Mix)
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
400g caster sugar
350ml vegetable oil
4 eggs
350g grated carrots (would recommend squeezing out the excess liquid)
120g chopped pecans

Cream Cheese Icing
225g cream cheese
100g margarine/butter softened
450g icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pecans for decorating

1. Preheat oven to 180C/Gas 4.
2. Grease cake tins.
3. In a bowl, stir together the flour, cinnamon and sugar.
4. Add the oil and eggs, mixing until blended.
5. Stir in the carrots and nuts.
6. Divide mixture evenly between both tins.
7. Bake for 25-30mins until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.
8. Cool on wire racks before removing from tins.
9. To make icing, cream together the butter and cream cheese.
10. Add sugar and cream well.
11. Add the vanilla essence and stir well.
12. Add icing to middle of layers and to the top if you fancy. Also use pecans to decorate (unfortunately I didn't have enough left over this time).

And then enjoy! Plus, carrots are vegetables so this has to be a little good for you, right?!

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