Saturday, 28 June 2014

Twinkly Mummy Loves...Summer Essentials

We're on countdown mode to our holiday (1 day to go!) and trying to get organized for some time away can be daunting, time consuming and downright stressful at times!
There's always so much to organize...clothes, toiletries, holiday money, shoes and things to entertain the little ones.
Normally I'm quite an organized person, and despite me having a load of stuff already, I still feel a bit stress and fear I miss something!
So if you're going away any time soon and are struggling to know what to buy, here are a few of my top essential items for taking away this year.

1. Animal UV Swim Shirt & Hats - from £13.00 at The Beach Factory
When we're away I'm always panicking whether I have enough sun cream on the girls, especially when they are playing in the pool. We're all fair skinned, so we really need to be careful we don't get burnt.
These Animal UV Swim Shirts from The Beach Factory are a welcome addition to our suitcase this year - they provide sun protection UPF50+ yet are still nice and light for wearing in the pool.
The hats are in a funky print to match the tops and look to provide good coverage.
The lovely people at The Beach Factory gave us these to try - the girls can't wait to sport them at the pool! Keep an eye out for a review of these after our holiday...

2. Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan & Gradual Glow - Light Matte - £6.99 from Boots
This is a great product for you to wear on the first day of holiday whilst you wait for some natural colour to develop. It is a light instant tan, which also gradually builds up on your skin - so if you miss a day applying it, you'll still have some lovely colour on your skin.
Again, as I am fair skinned, I need to make sure any fake tan I use is a natural colour. This definitely is and can always be built up if you want something a bit darker.
This doesn't protect against sunburn though, so you still need to ensure you have other sun protection on.

3. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - £7.99 from Superdrug
This 8-in-1 cream is light and provides a thin layer of coverage on your skin, evening out any imperfections you may have.
The reason I love this for going away, is that it contains SPF30, meaning that you can switch to this instead of suncream on your face and still be protected - just make sure you get up into your hairline to avoid any red lines!

4. Tangle Teezer Brush - from £10.99 at Boots
Being in an out the pool on holiday means tangled hair and as it dries so quickly in the heat, you want to make sure it's knot free.
We've had a Tangle Teezer brush for a while now and I have to say it is a life saver, especially with both of my girls' hair being curly. It literally glides through wet (or dry) hair and doesn't leave my little ones screaming when we come across a knot. Stress free, handy in size to carry about and it's sparkly so the girls love it.

5. Nautical Bikini Bag - £2 from Primark
This cute bikini bag is from Primark and at just £2 is a total bargain!  Handy for putting your valuables in when heading to the pool or beach so they don't get wet, or for chucking your swimsuit in when heading back to your hotel, it's definitely worth picking a few of these up.  Also loving the fab nautical colours too - can never go wrong with red, white and navy!

Off now to finish packing. To anyone about to jet off, have a fab time! Hoping the weather is lovely :)

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