Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review - The Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry

We're continually looking for new fun things to do with the girls and had made a promise to ourselves that we would get out and about to see more of the country we live in.
When we saw The Enchanted Forest advertised, it seemed right up our street!

The Enchanted Forest is a multi award winning light and sound show set in Faskally Wood in Pitlochry, Perthshire. It has been running for the past few years and we were lucky enough to go along to this years show, absorb.

The first show starts at 6.30pm - this is the one we opted for, as we weren't sure how tired the girls would be (they're 5 now), so we thought we would err on the side of caution.
At around 6pm, we started to wait outside Fishers Hotel on the main drag within Pitlochry. Included in your ticket price is a return coach transfer to the forest itself - this is so cars with their noisy engines and headlights don't ruin your experience.

There were plenty of stewards on hand at the hotel to direct us into line, out tickets were taken and our hands stamped with a cute little leaf, before we boarded the comfy bus for our short journey.  A nice touch was a short 'Health & Safety' CD which was played - a humorous way to remind everyone not to be silly!

We were the first ones off the bus and were greeted by friendly stewards at the entrance to the forest.  It was still quite light when we got there, however was starting to slowly get darker as we walked in.

On our approach, we got a waft of hot dogs and burgers coming from a discreet stall set further down the path - all very reasonably priced. The lentil soup comes highly recommended :)
The girls also noticed some light up balloons, which gave them something to lead the way when it started to get dark - again well priced at £1.

The forest itself, was very pretty. This year the show is called absorb - with the theme being centred around orbs. The music and lights together, just worked so well. Very mesmerising.  The light and sound show is spectacular and my photos don't seem to do it justice.

As we walked round the paths (which are all lit so you don't fall into the loch!), it started to become dark and we could appreciate the light show even more.
Across the centre of the forest is an illuminated bridge - the girls called this the Fairy Bridge and apparently was their favourite part.

We were informed by one of the stewards that there was a Storytelling Yurt located further round the path, so we headed here to be welcomed into a lovely cosy tent, where we made ourselves comfy and listened to a tall tale of a giant and a hero prince. The girls really enjoyed this little time out before we set on our way again.
Outside the yurt was another small food stall selling hot chocolates, coffees, muffins and even mulled wine. So definitely something to warm your bones :)

Within another 45 mins or so, our girls were getting tired, so we left the forest around 8.30pm (after squeezing in another visit to the Fairy Bridge and catching the Orb show in the middle of the loch)

The bus picked us up right where it had dropped us off and took us back to the hotel, again with a humorous 'de-brief CD' played :)
On arriving back at the hotel, the queue for the buses was enormous - mostly adults at this time of night, however I dare say the buses don't manage to transport as quickly as they're also picking visitors up and bringing them back.
We made the short walk back to the car, and changed into our PJs (well at least the girls did - wish I had done the same!) before we made the 2hr journey home.

Overall, this is a great attraction to visit and at the time of year, when not much else is on (after the summer and before Panto season at Christmas). Its all outdoors, meaning you get lots of lovely fresh air too.

We were lucky enough to receive complimentary tickets to the show, however family ticket prices start at £35 for a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids under 16) and can be purchased on the Enchanted Forest website here.

We'll definitely be returning in the future and look forward to seeing whats on offer next year.


  • Try to find a parking space near the Fishers Hotel, so you don't have too far to walk when you get off the bus.
  • Go nice and early if you have children - it gives plenty of time to wander about the forest before it gets busier.
  • There are only 2 lots of toilets in the forest - one at the entrance, the other at the yurt, so make sure your little ones make a pitstop to avoid any mad running in the dark to prevent an accident!
  • Fishers Hotel also appear to do a meal deal in conjunction with the Enchanted Forest -  £9.95 for adults and half price for kids. We didn't eat here, however noticed this on the welcome board outside the front door.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather - we luckily had it dry but did have wellies with us and can imagine the paths may get a bit muddy if it had to rain.
The Enchanted Forest is running from Friday 4th until Sunday 27th October 2013, so still lots of time to book tickets to go!


  1. Ever year I fancy going here. It looks amazing.

  2. This looks great, I'd love to do x

  3. Ladies, only one week left to go along - its definitely worth it!