Saturday, 12 January 2013

Review - InStyler Styling Tool

I struggle with my hair every's naturally curly so trying to get it straight and smooth (and keeping it that's way), can be a challenge!

The lovely people at InStyler kindly sent my an InStyler Styling Tool to try out.

It is a lovely glossy red colour and comes with an instructional DVD and booklet which is really useful.

I've used hair straighteners for as long as I can remember but never ones with an in built brush and rotating plate.

The tool heats up in a few minutes...a bit longer than my usual straighteners however there are three separate heat settings dependant on your hair type and what you want to do with your hair.

I find my own hair fairly easy to straighten, as I've been doing it so long. However as soon as any sort of heat or moisture gets to it, it curls again!

Recently my twin daughters who are 5, are taking more notice of how they want to look and with the number of parties they go to at the weekends, it's nice to do something different with their hair.

The InStyler promises to add volume and make your hair sleek and shiny, which it does. However you can also use it to curl your hair. I tried this on my daughters hair and it worked a treat. Lauren's hair is normally a bit wavy but always a bit all over the place. Using the InStyler gave her a lovely 50s style curl in her hair...very grown up looking.

Olivia's hair is naturally quite curly, but unless I use lots of product on it, it can tend to frizz. Again I used the InStyler to curl her hair, in a bit of a tighter curl. It defined her curls more and made them shiny and sleek...she loved it! 

We'll definitely be using this more often, especially over the summer to create pretty summer hairstyles.

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