Friday, 19 October 2012

Review - Pizza Hut Gluten Free Pizza

A friend on Twitter recently posted that they had been to Pizza Hut for their new gluten free pizza base. I had no idea Pizza Hut were offering gluten free food, so since we hadn't been for a while, we decided to go and check it out.

Whilst I'm not on an entirely gluten free diet, the majority of things I now eat are restricted in the gluten they contain.
Previously going to Pizza Hut, would've meant enjoying a delicious pepperoni pizza but then suffering afterwards with stomach pains, so we haven't been for ages.

We went at 3pm as we knew this is when Pizza Hut did their Happy plus a side, unlimited salad and a bottomless drink for £6 - bargain!

On being seated in the restaurant, we were handed the menus and I asked if it would be a problem to have a gluten free base on this deal. The waitress went to check and was disappointed to be told they couldn't do the gluten free base in the happy hour deal. Unsure why, as it's the same size of pizza offered, however I ordered from the main menu whilst my husband ate from the Happy Hour menu.

I ordered the BBQ Meat Feast pizza without cheese, on a gluten free base.
Having eaten a base similar to this before, I wasn't expecting much, but the base was lovely and thin, and not overly dry or crispy. It was similar to the Italian base and the topping was tasty.

Overall I was really impressed and will definitely go back again. It would have been good for this to be included in their deals as gluten intolerant customers should be able to enjoy this as any other diner. However I do understand that Pizza Hut are still trialling the gluten free base and hopefully will be introduced as standard across all their options.

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